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Auctions Live, Onsite Digital Auction Solution, offers Real Estate Agencies, Auction Houses and Independent Auctioneers the technology they need to stream live auctions directly to their company’s website, while providing in-depth data analysis, statistics and reporting tools.

With auctions playing such an important role in real estate transactions, Auctions Live enhances this role by positively influencing results for selling agents and their clients.

Auctions Live software easily creates, displays, captures and live streams auctions, at the same time - encouraging bidders and providing vendors with a competitive advantage.

Key System Benefits

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Increased Exposure

Live stream your auctions to a global audience, including potential buyers and vendors; maximising your exposure and results.

Live Bids Capturing

Simulcast bids and auctioneer call signs live to your company's website, as well as registered bidders smartphones and tablets.

Vendor's Management Tools

Manage your vendors expectations prior to an auction, through bidder pre-registration insight and past Auction Summary Reports.

Streamlined Process

Reduce time spent administering compliance requirements, pre and post auction with our simple and easy to use solution.

Onsite Solution

Captivate your online audiences's attention on your website with pre-auction videos, live updates, results and video footage.

Commercial & Residential

Can be utilised by Real Estate Agencies, Auction Houses and Independent Auctioneers, for both Commercial and Residential Auctions.

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Key System Features

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PC Management Console
Android and iOS Smart Device Console
Electronic Bidder Registration
Website Display Widgets
Live Streaming Capabilities
Electronic Bidder Paddles
Electronic Scriber
Integrated Social Media Sharing
Multi Office and Auction House Link
Post Auction Bid Summary Reports
Data Analysis and Reporting Tools
Unlimited Onsite Auctions

Advanced Digital Auction Solution

For Real Estate Agencies, Auction Houses and Independent Auctioneers